Limited Edition CD

By purchasing a Limited Edition CD Package, you enable us to bring “Modern Gladiators” to the world, and maybe, just maybe, buy yourself a little piece of history. Your purchase will fund the production and recording of “Modern Gladiators” in the studio. We've made an EP with 5 versions: Full length, radio edit, acoustic, rock, and 24-D audio (for headphones only). We're already promoting it to be synced on motor racing TV presentations and it's available for purchase or stream via all the main outlets. Packages are identical and start from EUR €10, limited to 53 editions, and include: * A numbered, limited edition CD of the EP with your name and limited edition series number in the printed credits. * MP3 Digital format of the EP * A hand signed certificate with your serial number The number 53 is relevant because the inspiration for “Modern Gladiators” came from my friends at the BertlK-RacingTeam and their World Championship bike is #53. Thank you